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You’re a face tree

Original text:
you are a tree face

8 translations later, Bing and Yandex gives us:

You’re a face tree

Submitted by tree faceness.

Full Translation:

From English: you are a tree face
From English to Czech (via Bing): jsi strom tvář
From Czech to Malay (via Yandex): anda adalah sebuah pohon muka
From Malay to Portuguese (via Bing): Você é uma cara de árvore
From Portuguese to Danish (via Yandex): du er træet ansigt
From Danish to German (via Yandex): Sie sind ein Baum-Gesicht
From German to Hebrew (via Yandex): אתה עץ הפנים
From Hebrew to Vietnamese (via Bing): Bạn là một khuôn mặt cây
From Vietnamese to Catalan (via Bing): Ets una cara d’arbre
Back into English (via Yandex): You’re a face tree