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Late all dogs eyebrow?

Original text:
Do all dogs have eyebrows?

8 translations later, Bing and Yandex gives us:

Late all dogs eyebrow?

Submitted by anonymous.

Full Translation:

From English: Do all dogs have eyebrows?
From English to Greek (via Bing): Όλα τα σκυλιά έχουν τα φρύδια;
From Greek to Spanish (via Yandex): Hacer que todos los perros tienen las cejas?
From Spanish to French (via Bing): Tous les chiens ont-ils des sourcils ?
From French to Lithuanian (via Bing): Visi šunys turi antakiai?
From Lithuanian to Latvian (via Bing): Vai visiem suņiem ir uzacis?
From Latvian to Malay (via Yandex): Lakukan semua anjing memiliki alis?
From Malay to Hungarian (via Yandex): Mind a kutyák a szemöldöke?
From Hungarian to Serbian (via Bing): Лмате ли сви пси обрве?
Back into English (via Yandex): Late all dogs eyebrow?