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carrot bread

Original text:
carrots are pain

8 translations later, Bing and Yandex gives us:

carrot bread

Submitted by Techdude99.

Full Translation:

From English: carrots are pain
From English to Portuguese (via Yandex): as cenouras são dor
From Portuguese to Hungarian (via Bing): sárgarépa fájdalom
From Hungarian to Slovenian (via Bing): carrots.but so bolečine
From Slovenian to Ukrainian (via Bing): морква є біль
From Ukrainian to German (via Yandex): carrots are pain
From German to Latvian (via Yandex): burkāni ir sāpes,
From Latvian to French (via Bing): jus de carotte avec douleur
From French to Indonesian (via Yandex): wortel roti
Back into English (via Yandex): carrot bread