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Blech… I hate this *bo*.

Original text:
Blech… I hate this *censored*.

8 translations later, Bing and Yandex gives us:

Blech… I hate this *bo*.

Submitted by anonymous.

Full Translation:

From English: Blech… I hate this *censored*.
From English to Spanish (via Bing): Blech… Odio esto * censurado *.
From Spanish to Bulgarian (via Bing): Blech… Аз мразя този * цензурира *.
From Bulgarian to Dutch (via Yandex): Blech… ik haat dit *censored*.
From Dutch to Malay (via Yandex): Blech… aku benci ini *ditapis*.
From Malay to Italian (via Bing): Blech… più Odio questo * censurato *.
From Italian to Turkish (via Yandex): İğrenç… bu **sansürlü nefret ediyorum.
From Turkish to Lithuanian (via Bing): Blech… Aš nekenčiu tai * cenzūra *.
From Lithuanian to Maltese (via Yandex): Blech… I mibegħda dan il – *bo*.
Back into English (via Yandex): Blech… I hate this *bo*.